Product Summary

The VT6122 is a Velocity Gigabit Ethernet Controller. The VT6122 enables leading-cdge performance in a highly integrated package, making them ideal for a diverse range of PC client or server LAN on Motherboard (LOM), and Network Interface Card (NIC) applications. Integrating a feature laden MAC and Cicada’s patented SimpliPHY transceiver, the VT6122 is optimized for space constrained systems with a low power, low profile design. With full management support, the VVT6122 enables Gigabit Ethernet on the PC with their 32-bit PCI architecture.


VT6122 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Reted volyage: 3.3V; (2)nominal frequency: 66MHz.


VT6122 features: (1)Gigobit Ethernet MAC and PHY supporting full .ind half duplex lOMOO/IOOO triple-speed operation; (2)Leading DSP-based Cicada PHY technology: 10BASE-T. 100BASE-TX. and 1000BASE T compliant; (3)Support for PCI v2.3; (4)Flow control support (IEEE802.3x); (5)Priority Queuing support (IEEE 802.Ip); (6)Virtual LAN (VLAN) Support (IEEE802.1Q), MIB counters, SNMP/RMON monitoring; Wake on LAN (WoL) support; (7)Ipv4 TCP. IP. and UOP checksum off loading; (8)Ipv4 TCP segmentation off-loading capability over Tx; (9)Power Management, PCI Power Management vl.1, ACPI 2.0; Wdke-up from PRE-ACPI and abnormal shut-down; Automatic link switch from 1000 to 10 or 100 in standby; (10)PXE 2.1 remote boot support; (11)IEEE 1149.1 JTAG built-in; (12)EEPROM r\ot required; (13)Complete driver support, Windows 95, 98(SE). ME. 2000. NT, XP. Server 2003; Linux. Novell. Unix. DOS. Boot ROM. Macintosh; (14)3.3V l/Os (5V tolerant), Integrated 3.3V to 1.5V regulator circuit.


VT6122 block diagram



Data Sheet